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MS 95041 (Clark Library, University of California, Los Angeles)

Title-page of Fairfax's Short Memorials as published in 1699
Title-page of Fairfax's Short Memorials (1699). Collection of Rosamund Paice.

Thomas Fairfax appended his translations of Psalms 18, 24, 30, and 85 to his "Short Memorials", held by UCLA's Clark Library (MS 95041). His note to "Psal : 18" indicates that he meant these to be considered alongside his account: "That I chuse this 18 Psalme let none thinke I arragate any thing to my selfe", he begins (Text 3, fol. 1r). Clearly, Fairfax felt that these psalms were integral to his self-representation in the "Short Memorials". When his cousin Brian Fairfax published the Short Memorials in 1699, however, he did not include them.

This omission, and the absence in Add. MS 11743 of any of Thomas Fairfax's sacred translation, suggests that Brian Fairfax was not particularly interested in his cousin's insistently devotional poetry but was interested in keeping his memory alive.

These pages will make accessible the psalms included in Fairfax's autograph copy of the "Short Memorials". Transcriptions will follow in due course.

Images are available through the University of California's digital collections (Calisphere).

The links on the right (or below if using a phone or tablet) will take you to transcriptions and modernised texts.

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