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Thomas Fairfax's Poetry: Material Included in Gibb's The Lord General

M. A. Gibb, The Lord General a Life of Thomas Fairfax (London: Lindsay Drummond, 1938)

Details to follow.

"Appendix. Selections from the Poems of Thomas, Third Lord Fairfax (MS. Fairfax 40, Bodleian Library)", pp. 281–291.

  • "To the Lady Cary upon her verses on my dear Wife", p. 281
  • "The tears of France for the deplorable death of Henry IV, surnamed the Great", pp. 282–283
  • "The Solitude", pp. 283–287
  • "Of Anger", pp. 287–288
  • "Vulgar Proverbs", p. 288–289 [MAG provides seventeen]
  • "Honey Drops", p. 289
  • "Paraphrases"
    • "Psalm I", p. 290
    • "Psalm XXXIII", p. 290
    • "David's Lament for Saul and Jonathan (2 Samuel : 1)", p. 290–291


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