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Add MS 4929 (British Library)

Note on MS 4929
Note on MS 4929 (British Library).

These pages make accessible a selection of Fairfax's sermon notes from Add MS 4929. This manuscript also contains three sermon notes, by another hand (probably Fairfax's wife, Anne).note

The links on the right (or below if using a phone or tablet) will take you to images from the manuscript, with accompanying transcriptions and modernised texts. The names in parentheses in this list indicate the preachers who are recorded as having given the sermons.

I am indebted to the British Library for permission to use images of this manuscript on these webpages. Please note that they must not be downloaded or used for any commercial use.

Note. See Note on the manuscript, note 3.[back to text]


  • Note on the manuscript, fol. 1v
  • Ipistil of John 4 (Mr Topham), fols 2r–6v
  • Rom 8 37 (Mr Streeton), fols 7r–11r
  • John 1.12 (Mr Streeton), fols 11v–27r
  • 5 Math. 8 (Mr Barret), fols 27v–33v
  • Romans 1,28 (Mr Byard), fols 34r–38r
  • 19 Luke 42 (Mr Wales), fols 38v–56r
  • 30 Psal: 7 (no attribution), fols 56v–64v
  • Psal: 62.11 (no attribution), fols 65r–74v
  • 29 Proverbs 1 (no attribution), fols 75r–81v
  • 1 Thes: 5 19 (no attribution), fols 82r–86r
  • 3 Math: 10 (no attribution), fols 86v–90v
  • 22 Reuel: 6 (no attribution), fols 91r–97v
  • 34 Psal. 19 (no attribution), fols 98r–104v
  • 2 Habakuk 4 (no attribution), fols 105r–130r
  • 12 Rom: 1 (no attribution), fols 130v–158r
  • Ephes: vnto me who am the least of all saints (no attribution), fols 158v–161v
  • [blank], fols 161r–162v
  • heb. 10 22 (Mr Bowles, written by Mary [Anne?] Fairfax), fols 163r–169r
  • 1 Peter 2 (no attribution, written by Mary [Anne?] Fairfax), fols 169r–174r
  • John: 14.1 (Mr Cartwright, written by Mary [Anne?] Fairfax), fols 174r–177v


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