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Add. MS. 11744 (British Library)

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Watermark from Add. MS. 11744
Watermark from Add. MS. 11744 (British Library).

These pages make accessible for the first time a selection of Fairfax's poetry from Add. MS. 11744. For the first stage of this transcription project, I've added only Fairfax's Psalm translations from this manuscript. More transcriptions will follow in due course.

The links on the right (or below if using a phone or tablet) are being added slowly. They will take you to images from the manuscript, with accompanying transcriptions and modernised texts.

I am indebted to the British Library for permission to use images of this manuscript on these webpages. Please note that they must not be downloaded or used for any commercial use.


  • The Songe of Solamon, fol. 1r–12v
    • Chap. 1, fols 1r–2r
    • Chap 2, fols 2r–2v
    • Chap. 3, fols v–3r
    • Chap 4, fols 3r–6r
    • Chap. 5, fols 6r–7v
    • Chap: 6, fols 7v–9r
    • Chap: 7, fols 9v–10v
    • Chapt 8, fols 10v–12r
  • Moyses Songe / Exodus 15, fols 12v–15r
  • Moses Songe / Deut 32, fols 15v–20r
  • Psal : 42, fols 20v–22r
  • Psal 30, fols 22r–23r
  • Psal : 103, fols 23r–24v
  • Psal : 77, fols 24v–26r
  • Out of the Proverbs, fols 26v–32r
  • Wisdomes Antiquity, fols 32r–33r
  • Proverbs [cont.], fols 33r–36v
  • Psal : 22, fols 34v–36v
  • An Epitaph on the Death of Sir Edward Yorke, fol. 37v
  • On the Shortness of Life, fol. 38r
  • Of Envy, fols 38v–39r
  • Of Anger, fols 39v–40v
  • Of Virtue, fols 41r–42r
  • Vpon the 30 of January on wch the K was beheaded, fol. 42r
  • Life & Death Compared together, fols 42v–43r
  • Of Patience & Temperance, fols 43v–44r
  • Of Beauty, fols 44v‐45r
  • Vpon a Fountaine, fol. 45v
  • An Epitaph on A. V. dieng young, fol. 45v
  • Of Nature & Fortune, 46r
  • Of Nature & Fortune
  • Vpon a pach'd face, fol. 46v
  • Vpon a yong veraga, fol. 47r
  • Vpon an il Husband, fol. 47v
  • Vpon the new building att Apleton, fol. 48r
  • Psal 137, fols 48v–50r
  • Psal: 24, fols 50v–51r
  • Honny dropes, fols 51v–61v
  • Psal 129, fols 62v–63r
  • A Songe of Praise Psal 8, fols 64r–65r
  • A Carracter of the Romish Church by Francisco Petrarca aboue 300 years ago / Cant. 106, fols 66v–67r
  • The Christians Warfare, fols 67v–70r
  • Psal: 27, fols 70v–71r
  • The Solitude, fols 71v–78v
  • Epitaph Sur la mort du Cardinal Mazarin / Epioloium, fol. 79v
  • [Epitaph Sur la mort du Cardinal Mazarin] Englished thus / Epitaph / Elogie, fol. 80r
  • Of a faire Wife / To Coregio, fols 81r–82r
  • Of Impertial Fate, fol. 83r
  • Of God, fols 87r–87v [prose]
  • Of the Trinity, fols 88r–89v [prose]
  • Of Christ, fols 89v–91v [prose]
  • Of the Holy Ghost, fols 91v–93r [prose]
  • Of the holy Scriptures, fols 93r–95r [prose]
  • Of Creation, fols 95r–96r [prose]
  • Of Angels, fols 96v–99v [prose]
  • Of Man, fols 99v–102v [prose]
  • Of the Image of God in Man, fols 102v–104v [prose]
  • Of Original Rightousness, fols 104v–105r [prose]
  • Of Man's Free-will before his fall, fols 105r–106v [prose]
  • Of God's Prouidence or decrees, fols 106v–109v [prose]
  • Of Free wil after the fall, fols 109v–110v [prose]
  • Meditation vpon ye natiuitie of our sauiour, fols 111r–111v [prose]
  • The temporall state of ye world at his birth, fol. 112 [prose]
  • It is sayed an Ox spake, fols 112v–113v [prose]
  • The state of ye world guard?? spiritualia, fol. 114r [prose]
  • Of Jerusalem Judea & Syria a part, fols 114v–120v [prose]
  • Philip. 1 : 10, fols 121r–125 [prose: sermon notes]
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