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William Blake's Laocoön: Physical Analysis

The Inscriptions: Overview

Blake's Laocoön > Physical Analysis > The Inscriptions

These pages provide a physical analysis of the inscriptions of Blake's Laocoön engraving. They show the multiple ways in which visual balance and irregularities in indicate a compositional order. In some cases, the evidence is conclusive; in others, we have enough clues for plausible hypotheses.

The point of providing this analysis is twofold. First, it demonstrates that the textual inscriptions on this engraving were not produced to a coherent plan; they may even have been produced over an extended period of time. Second, the order in which the inscriptions appear to have been added suggests groupings that may provide inspiration for scholars in conducting further analysis into the ideas presented in this work.


Blake's Laocoön > Physical Analysis > The Inscriptions


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