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Rosamund Paice: academic on the margin


Rosamund Paice



I'm Rosamund Paice and I'm an academic researcher. Some of you will know me as Rosie Paice but, many years ago, I chose to publish under my full name... for reasons that no longer seem important.

I set up this website as a space for me to try out new ideas as well as to present some older material that lends itself better to an online format than print. It's also an important hub for me as an academic: when I was made redundant at the start of 2021, I found myself without the 'permanent' web presence that comes with a 'permanent' job.

I now work at three universities, so my plan to add content fairly frequently has succumbed to the pressures of reality. I will be adding more, however, if rather sporadically! I hope you enjoy looking around and please feel free to send me feedback!

You can read my full academic CV here. If you'd like to receive regular updates about this site and my other activities, you can follow me on Twitter.


My Research

My research to date has centred on Restoration-era literature on the one hand and Romantic-era literature on the other. I have published several articles on John Milton and William Blake, as well as additional material on William Shakespeare. You can find a list of my publications here.


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